How It Works

The basic CrowdedLaw process is:

  1. A person considering or facing a legal action gathers information to post a brief to

  2. Legal advisors can respond with their opinions on each person's legal problem and give an estimate of how likely it is that the problem will be resolved in their favour.

  3. Litigants posting a brief receive numerous initial legal opinions from a variety of lawyers, an aggregated indication of their likely prospects of success with their case, an average of the costs they might face, and the opportunity to review the expertise, experience, intelligence and commitment of a variety of lawyers.

  4. The litigants rate each opinion they get, which becomes an aggregate rating for each advisor. Advisors can use this score in their marketing/job applications.

  5. The litigants can then choose to interact with and reveal the three advisors who they feel have given them the best advice on the matter. Advisors will receive contact details of the litigants so they can help the litigant further, gain further information so they can deliver a fully informed opinion directly to the litigant.

  6. The litigant can then make decisions and take action based upon those fully informed opinions they receive outside of CrowdedLaw.